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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Viktoria Foxx - University of San Francisco '08

Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Status: Single
Looking For: Friendship, Dating, A Relationship, Random Play
Interests: By her own account: It doesn't matter what I am doing, or where I am at, I choose to have fun and make the most of any situation. I could be partying at the most exclusive clubs in L.A. or at home by myself, cozied up to a book/magazine, I am content either way. I like anything that's glamorous, with a lot of class. Usually I prefer things that are different than what people are used to seeing.
MISC: Modeling, Shopping, Clubbing, Flirting, Talking on the phone, Looking hott 24-7 & World domination
Music: All kinds
Movies: Mean Girls, Death Becomes Her
TV: The Simple Life, Flavor of Love
Books: To Kill a Mockingbird

Viktoria has one hell of a drive. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and is a blend of Ukranian and Vietnamese, making her Eurasian. She is the reigning Miss Teen California and Miss MySpace USA 2007. She attended USF because like many others, she wanted to get away to experience new environments. USF also offered a 3-year Bachelor's program with admission to law school afterwards. But she does miss Los Angeles and plans to move back after 2008 (when she graduates). She is studying psychology and her reason is that she finds it useful when she wants to know what guys are thinking about her. What are we thinking right now Viktoria? Let us know! She aspires to be either a business or entertainment lawyer, maybe both! Holy mother-cow! Psych and Law? Hmmm, any man's going ot have his hand's full trying to win an argument with her. Her biggest inspiration is herself. When we asked her where she sees herself three years from now, she didn't know, saying that she has trouble seeing where she is the following day. Viktoria on the market right now and accepting applications. We don't know how long she's been taking these applications, but it's probably like applying to Google (if you guys know what I mean). Viktoria's best physical feature is her brain and understands that she is beautiful inside and out. Her best intangible feature is her "aura", attributing that to the people who tell her that they are in a better mood when she is around. If Viktoria could go any place in the world, she'd love to visit the Dubai part of the UAE again because it's one of the most beautiful, exotic, and fascinating cities in the world. It is always evolving, much like Las Vegas, so she'd love to see what it looks like now. And lastly, Viktoria's idea of a great time is: "Looking in the mirror and being so turned on by myself". I'll let you guys sit on that for a while.

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Viktoria Foxx Viktoria Foxx Viktoria Foxx

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Jason said...

marry me Vik!

Anonymous said...

Surround yourself with others who understand love, with others who are rightfully powerful and honorable, and with others who present their own realities honestly.
Non-violent movements filled with love have liberated entire masses. To understand REAL LOVE is to understand unselfish and noble POWER AND HONOR; noble power and honor is achieved at the expense of no one’s pain and suffering but possibly your own.
Don't ever forget that your words and your actions will be remembered long after you're gone. The intent of your actions will ultimately determine your honor; respect yourself if you've earned honor, earn honor if you respect yourself.
It is only through living in another’s reality that you may understand them. It is only through presenting your own reality honestly that I may understand you. Only through understanding your enemies reality may we all learn to understand each other.
Luv ya ~t~

TAREK ALI said...


Linda said...

Congrats on being crowned Queen of Facebook!

Nick said...

mile high club!